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community powered rss feed

Posted in marketing, trying to learn with tags on January 7, 2008 by Zack

Social Times posts on the merits of twitter being a sort of chat room where the participants are selected.  Also, in the comments a mention is made of twitter acting as a community powered rss feed, because an article was posted as a link in a tweet before the rss picked it up.  Online focus group too.

From the comments:

Also, because of the close attention that people pay to Twitter (many respond back nearly instantly), it’s a great way to interact with folks you might not get a response back from any other way!

In other words, the sense of online community has been enhanced, in my opinion.

True but how does one pursue and guarantee the twitter community they have is the right one for their needs?  I’d like a quicker solution than searching a keyword cloud for tweet trends.