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“follow me on twitter and win” 560 and growing?

Posted in followers, marketing with tags , on January 12, 2008 by Zack

Marketing Pilgrim is offering a Nokia N770 in a twitter-based prize contest.  Users are encouraged to follow @AndyBeal, and sometime in the near future he’ll tweet instructions on how to win the Nokia.

The contest started yesterday; I didn’t find it until today.  Currently Andy’s followers number 560.  I’m going to follow this one and examine how his follower count grows as a result of this offer. 

The Nokia tablet is nice, and Andy’s post has a large photo of it.  The image is critical in this offer.  If it were something intangible, such as a subscription to a B2B service, customer testimonials that claim tangible results would be a comparable carrot to dangle.

More on Andy’s contest enrollment to come.