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twitter and boobik?

Posted in trying to learn with tags , , , on January 24, 2008 by Zack

Boobik? is an adult microblogging site where you can ‘meet people the sexy way’, according to its copy. gives it some love, and I’ve been reading a good chunk of speculation here and there about it today. Apparently Boobik? supports video embedding, and certainly photos aplenty. It is mucho NSFW. Boobik?s terms of service appear braced for the wide array of material the site will no doubt generate. Twitter’s users number at ~1M, right? It’ll be interesting to see how rapidly Boobik? grows.

how will porn penetrate twitter

Posted in business, trying to learn with tags , , , , , , , on January 14, 2008 by Zack

You said penetrate, huh huh.

Not neccessarily porn proper either…but how will adult entertainment get its piece of the twitter pie? 

Agh.  Did it again.  *sigh*. 

Here’s one example of a new user doing what she can to draw a crowd: @bambidollface.  Her bio labels her a Bi Nympho Teen CumSlut, but thus far her posts are tame, on the whole.  She should use links more.

@GirlieGurl has more success than @bambidollface.  Her background is NSFW, but her tweets are tame.  My guess is she is more established elsewhere among the interwebs.  Has a home page in bio, prob a dirty lil number.

@Lexilapetina, bio says adult site owner.  Also has home page in bio.  Already I’m thinking they should embed their link in every tweet they do.  (True for other businesses too, or just the internet lookin’s?)  @audaciaray is a porn director and ‘sex nerd’, with many recent tweets from adult film awards ceremony.  @hardnhorny also has a home page that sounds adult enough for me to resist clicking it and putting it on the pc’s history.  His posts are protected, so as to whether he’s a fan or a biz, can’t tell.  @MidwestTeenSex purports to be booked for the Katie Couric show.  According to their bio, they make funny movies about teen sex.

And there’s plenty more users out there — you can click through replies from these users and learn more about the community.  I’m betting sex would sell better in twitter if my ‘following’ weren’t visible to all.  If that feature ever becomes optional (especially on a friend-by-friend basis), and the ‘following’ feature can get a little less transparent, adult entertainment will have way better results in twitter – like instant results.