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tweetin art

Posted in 140 char count, business, marketing, trying to learn with tags , , , , , on January 25, 2008 by Zack

I’m looking at how a few museums and art collectives use twitter to spread awareness about their activities, upcoming shows, etc.  I’ve said before that twitter is a great resource for groups like local theatres — with a few easy offers over twitter your foot traffic could increase.

@bklynartprjct is a Brooklyn-based art collective using twitter very well — posting links like crazy: newspaper articles about the group, slideshows of work, blog posts, emerging artists, et al.  Even if only one out of ten links are clicked through, art links can go viral fast.

@brooklynmuseum uses the same successful strategies.  Tweeting about the museum’s weekend schedule, links to the museum’s facebook, and my favorite – posting that they are open despite the museum web site being down. 

Companies hopping on twitter could use twitter the same way: I would like to see a company posting about its unique employees, its human capital and knowledge base.  Pictures from within the building, funky things.  Show the CEO’s record collection. 

Also, @ZekesGallery.  I’m sure Zeke is a great guy and the gallery is top notch.  But if you compare his tweets with the Brooklyn tweeters above, you’ll see the NY folk are using twitter more effectively in terms of awareness and attempts to drive traffic.  (Alas, @ManitobaMuseum seems to have abandoned ship.  We hardly knew ye, Manitoba…)

twitter and boobik?

Posted in trying to learn with tags , , , on January 24, 2008 by Zack

Boobik? is an adult microblogging site where you can ‘meet people the sexy way’, according to its copy. gives it some love, and I’ve been reading a good chunk of speculation here and there about it today. Apparently Boobik? supports video embedding, and certainly photos aplenty. It is mucho NSFW. Boobik?s terms of service appear braced for the wide array of material the site will no doubt generate. Twitter’s users number at ~1M, right? It’ll be interesting to see how rapidly Boobik? grows.

the mortgage tweet and the opt-in buy in

Posted in followers, marketing, other blogs, trying to learn with tags , , , , , on January 18, 2008 by Zack

Brian Brady from is using twitter to share his take on mortgage rate activity and market information.  Find him at @mortgagereport.

He tweets once or twice a week.  (I follow him, despite knowing next to nothing about mortgages — other than that I’m thankful I’m not trying to sell my home right now.)  Brady’s model is one that would be excellent for local businesses to use to drum up weekend foot traffic, for instance.  The Alamo Drafthouse could post its midnight movies.  Hyde Park Theatre could post new show times and link to positive reviews.  Restaurants, their specials, fish in season, drinks, so on. 

I found Brady’s mortgage report and @AndyBeal‘s follow-me-and-win contest (he’s up to 643 now, by the way — his contest is kicking ass) from their blogs.  So in both cases they are solving the ‘finding followers’ challenge by posting elsewhere and directing traffic to twitter. 

Also in both instances, the new follower has a clear incentive for following.  It’s not enough to say: follow me on twitter.  Instead: here’s why you should follow me on twitter. 

Businesses should also consider including instructions for joining twitter in their promotions.  Build that in, and show just how easy it is to adopt twitter use.  Accept the responsibility for promoting the twitter brand along with promoting your own deal.      

how will porn penetrate twitter

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You said penetrate, huh huh.

Not neccessarily porn proper either…but how will adult entertainment get its piece of the twitter pie? 

Agh.  Did it again.  *sigh*. 

Here’s one example of a new user doing what she can to draw a crowd: @bambidollface.  Her bio labels her a Bi Nympho Teen CumSlut, but thus far her posts are tame, on the whole.  She should use links more.

@GirlieGurl has more success than @bambidollface.  Her background is NSFW, but her tweets are tame.  My guess is she is more established elsewhere among the interwebs.  Has a home page in bio, prob a dirty lil number.

@Lexilapetina, bio says adult site owner.  Also has home page in bio.  Already I’m thinking they should embed their link in every tweet they do.  (True for other businesses too, or just the internet lookin’s?)  @audaciaray is a porn director and ‘sex nerd’, with many recent tweets from adult film awards ceremony.  @hardnhorny also has a home page that sounds adult enough for me to resist clicking it and putting it on the pc’s history.  His posts are protected, so as to whether he’s a fan or a biz, can’t tell.  @MidwestTeenSex purports to be booked for the Katie Couric show.  According to their bio, they make funny movies about teen sex.

And there’s plenty more users out there — you can click through replies from these users and learn more about the community.  I’m betting sex would sell better in twitter if my ‘following’ weren’t visible to all.  If that feature ever becomes optional (especially on a friend-by-friend basis), and the ‘following’ feature can get a little less transparent, adult entertainment will have way better results in twitter – like instant results.

who’s who and what’s what

Posted in followers, following, trying to learn on January 12, 2008 by Zack

This fine article from University of Maryland creates three groups of twitter user, based on the user intention: the information sharer, the information seeker, and the friendship-wise user.

These groups boil down to twitter’s brand of social linkage: following. 

The information sharer is followed by more users (oftentimes a significant amount) than he follows.  The information seeker follows more users than he has following him.  The friendship type has an approximately similar amount of followers and users he follows.

Your information sharers are the ones disseminating technological, cultural, newsworthy, et al tweets that folks deem worthy of attention and screen space.  Within twitter there’s a good amount of following-this-person-because-others-are-following-them social linkage taking place.  (Me, I am now following @Scobleizer because others follow him and bloggers mention him and I want to see what all the fuss is about.  That type of human behavior will follow us into any new medium forever ever.)  And there’s also genuine rarity, a chance to gain intimacy with a source of info that I have long enjoyed but never before had a way to gain off the cuff access to(this is why I follow @laughingsquid).  Other info sharers include CNN Breaking News @cnnbrk, Evan Williams @ev, the crushworthy Veronica Belmont @Veronica.  I see a brand manager’s primary problem to solve on twitter being: how do I create a username for my company or brand and develop a base of followers?

Information seekers are a different critter.  I am still trying to figure this group out, because there’s infinite reasons to seek information.  Two of the top five followers (@MyUFO and @LouiZoot) seem to be affiliated, and neither have accessed twitter in half a year.  Also @Webtickle – following thousands but hasn’t updated in months.  Did they overcommit?  With a smaller number of follows, being an information seeker makes sense, especially if one is using one username to follow users and another to send information.  There are fan apps one could use to view all your ‘following’ tweets in a digest format, so as a information seeker one could feasibly follow a cross section of tweets (say, of @jetBlue, @DellOutlet, and other companies in order to follow their promotions) and use them to shape your own strategies.

Friendship-wise users are those with truly social contacts in mind.  Tweets very high on the humor, the present tense, the inside joke.  This group will spread the word-of-mouth the information sharers hope to generate.

An ongoing goal of this blog will be to pinpoint ideas and innovations that create methods for company x, starting from scratch on twitter, to spread like the dirty little virus you are. 

Marshall McLuhan on Twitter

Posted in trying to learn with tags , on January 9, 2008 by Zack

The global village is at once as wide as the planet and as small as the little town where everybody is maliciously engaged in poking his nose into everybody else’s business.  

– MM 1966

testing Email Invitation from twitter

Posted in email invitations, marketing, trying to learn with tags , on January 8, 2008 by Zack

In the Forrester study, the main twitter demographic is characterized as male, 31, and pulling in about 78000$ annual.

With this in mind, last night I sent out email invitations from twitter to about 20 of my gmail colleagues and contacts.  Of the 20 sent, about 5 match that demographic criteria.  With this I am testing three things:

  1. Whether preexisting social contacts will use my recommendation to twitter, join, and follow me.
  2. The efficiency of the email invitation feature in twitter, which I would like to use with a corporate branded account to share premiums, offers, etc.
  3. Of those who do join, how many are from that Forrester demographic.