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Posted in followers, marketing, rss with tags , on January 11, 2008 by Zack

Twitterfeed is a nice twitter fan app created to automatically post your blog posts to your twitter.  An example of usage: see @SethGodin

If you use it, I urge you to use twitterfeed with tact.  Otherwise, your followers will tire of the twitterfeed spam and stop following you, thereby branding you a stinker and an insensitive spammer.  This is the exact reason I stopped following Godin.  But if used moderately, I think there’s a place for it. 

I would say: use Godin as an example of what not to do, then promote your wares accordingly.  (I know I’m going to get my car keyed by saying ‘don’t do as Godin does’, but hey.)

generate twitter traffic via rss

Posted in followers, following, marketing, rss on January 7, 2008 by Zack

You can use RSS to generate traffic to your twitter account.  In the bottom left hand on your twitter user page, you’ll find your RSS url.  Mine is here.  Here is the RSS feed Submission motherlode.

Submit your RSS to a few of these feeds and make your followers surpass your following.