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list of interwebs marketers on twitter

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Marketing Pilgrim has posted a wildly generous resource, listing 75+ social media experts, SEO champs, search marketing experts, et al. 

From Marketing Pilgrim’s post:

Many underground conversations go on within Twitter that never make it to the blogosphere or news sites. It can be a dynamite location for link bait ideas, breaking stories, and general topics you might not think about on a daily basis. You might even find yourself obtaining clientèle through it.

Some of the talent listed include @NewspaperGrl, @chiropractic, @JasonCalacanis, @EricFriedman, @johnandrews, y mucho mas.

I should note this list is dynamic, as Marketing Pilgrim is encouraging self-listing via its comments.  75+ is fast becoming 175+.  Expect to see some massive followers/following increases among this set, especially as this post comtinues to be dugg.  This is a great idea!

brevity competes with brevity, yay

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ProBlogger is sponsoring a contest (the booty: a 2G flash drive) where all contestants submit a 140 character tip on blogging.  (Respond to comments; study the blogosphere; use pix in posts; et al)  The contest runs through January 14, entries can be viewed here.  The tips are pretty good, I have to say.

I love seeing the exercise in brevity, something that Cicero would’ve really got behind.  He once apologized for the length of a correspondence, saying ‘if I had had more time, I would’ve written a shorter letter.’  Seeing the web go more in the Cicero/Basho direction is my pleasure.


Posted in other blog comments on January 12, 2008 by Zack

When is tweetin’ like saucin’?

recent podcasts on twitter n’ marketing

Posted in other blog comments, podcast on January 7, 2008 by Zack

Duct Tape Marketing features Lee Oden from TopRank and Jennifer Jones at PodTech features Peter Kim.

Both podcasts are bullish on twitter in marketing usage, but little is mentioned by way of practicality or tactics.  Looking for the nuts and bolts…

the thing is always on

Posted in devil's advocate, other blog comments, trying to learn on January 7, 2008 by Zack

TechCrunch post about twitter omnipresence.

From ‘Steel’ in comments:

Fads come and go. Social Networks will be to the web like the Hula Hoop is in a local Walmart. People look and remark how much fun they remember having with the toy, but don’t buy into it again. Twitter will twitter out because it is more than just a waste of time; it’s useless. At least with the Hula Hoop, people got some exercise from it.

Cynicism aside, is Steel right?  Or is there gold in them thar hills?