08 ushers microjournalism

Microjournalism, as it is called in today’s New York Times, is the latest trend in twitter usage and is now gaining speed as the campaign trail does the same.  I follow @anamariecox and @newmediajim, two ‘microjournalists’ (somehow this microjournalism tag smacks of music critics coming up with the latest hyphenate a la ’emo-glitch-laptop-mom-core’…)

From article:

When I read Ms. Cox’s concise reportage — “McCain: ‘Willford Brimmley is our response to Chuck Norris.’ ” — the potential for parody was high enough, and Ms. Cox engages in sufficient parody that I had to double-check with newspaper accounts to find corroborating photographs of Mr. Brimley and Mr. McCain sharing a microphone.

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