its it and thats that

The more I think about it, a differentiator for twitter/microblogs among social media is its manageability. 

That seems self-evident, yet it’s worth pointing out.  If I follow 40, 50 blogs via my Bloglines, I am swamped.  It’s near impossible, without making that my job.  My lawn would grow long, my child neglected.

I can follow twice that on twitter and not feel swamped.  (In fact, I’d go so far as to say twitter is the only form of social media that I use heavily [among podcasts, blogs, and a lil’ MySpace here and there] that does not stress me out due to volume.  And given its focus on the present tense (‘what are you doing?’) in tweets, the user experience at twitter becomes extremely refreshing. 

For a company intending to use twitter in its marketing, this is a wonderful relationship to develop with its audience. 

p.s. And while comparing twitter to podcasts and blogs (my personal trifecta of gotta-get-it-daily), twitter’s the only one that doesn’t come off pedantic.  Some blogs and some podcasts can come off pedantic, which really ruffles my feathers — nothing worse than being preached to by the Sr Editor of Creative Screenwriting about how misunderstood Lions for Lambs was.   Twitter doesn’t have that vibe for me.  Major bonus user experience.    

One Response to “its it and thats that”

  1. I think one of the things people are going to get better at over time is *managing* volume in social media. I have 100+ feeds in Bloglines, but it’s manageable b/c I routinely skip many of my feeds. I cycle through them, I catch up at intervals, and some days I just mark them all as read and start over.

    It’s kinda like cable t.v. You could spend ALL your time watching, catching ALL the good shows across the spectrum. But you don’t, because you’ve got a life to lead. So you pick and choose. Same deal for me with social media.

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